My Fellow Entrepreneurs

Capitalism is in our blood. We were born to have great ideas and bring them to life in order to provide happiness and a future for our families.

Unfortunately, it’s tough out there. We aren’t the only ones with great ideas. We have to deal with Governments and Regulators, not to mention our Competitors.

The worst part, there aren’t enough hours in the day and cloning hasn’t been perfected yet. Flat out, business is hard and good people are hard to find – or too expensive.

Regardless of what we face, we choose to fight and we fight to win because we are Entrepreneurs

I have spent the last twenty years researching, developing, and launching businesses. I came in through the back door by working for my father’s CPA Firm doing basic bookkeeping and data entry.

At first, I didn’t really understand the importance of making sure the numbers were right and paperwork was filed properly, until I started my own business.

It was then that I began to experience all the pitfalls and potholes business owners run into every single day.

Along the way, several friends and colleagues would ask for my help, when they encountered different issues they knew I had experienced. We would get to work right away on taking their business to the next level.

In one of my first projects, SPC Rods & Classics, I came to realize how valuable it is to take off one of the many hats a business owner wears, and give it to an expert to handle, while I attend other needs of the company.

I didn’t have to worry about the employment process and I didn’t have to micro-manage the project. I could be sure the job was done right the first time instead of cutting my teeth on it two or three times.

After meeting with several of my clients, I decided to launch EXECUTIVE SERVICES to take businesses to the next level.

Like a surgeon, I am able to come into a business and identify the problem, draft a solution, execute with precision, and leave the business owner smiling as goals are achieved and profits increase.

Most business owners have the same fundamental problem, they are so busy working in their business to have time for work on their business.

If administration and marketing are left unattended, the business will flounder and the owner will lose his mind trying to keep all the plates spinning.

My objective is simple, develop a strategic plan to solve immediate problems with administration, marketing, operations, and development; that will take your business to the next level. If you or someone you know needs our team, we are ready.
Are you ready for the next level?

Let's Make it Happen!